The Birth of TheNannyShare

Life had to be easier! Working full time, mother full time,  being told to look after myself, to be a good mother you need me time, you need to be calm, plus have time to enjoy being a mother, play with my daughter, don’t forget to clean the toilet before visitors pop in for an impromptu afternoon tea. I soon realised I felt as overwhelm as every mother, people saying “it’s normal.” Surely this cannot be normal, this needs to change. It was not until after a bout of glandular fever, that I took steed. I physically and mentally could not be with my daughter, I was not able to laugh with her, or read to hear. My daughter came into my room as I laid in bed, touched my face and said, “I love you Mummy, hope you feel better soon,” and quietly walked away. My heart broke, tears rolled, things changed that instant, I asked for help.

I spoke to Andrew and said, I cannot keep doing this, we need to do things differently, be smarter with our time, free up time to do what we love. We work for a reason, and that is not to be exhausted, rushed, stressed but to live and be together as a family.

We hired a cleaner, but we still needed some in home help, especially in the mornings so we could get to work earlier, and be home a decent time in the evenings. We needed a Nanny.

After looking at various options, nanny agencies, websites, local advertisements and speaking to friends, I discovered a Nanny was not the cheapest option, but we did not have any other options, no family/friends available and childcare was not an option. After sometime we found a fabulous nanny (via a basic website).  Our household has since become calm, and we spend quality time together. I come home, the kitchen is tidy, ironing is folded and our daughter is talking about the fun she had in the morning. Life is good.

On holidays I was talking to friends about my illness and getting a nanny and how amazing she is. My friends all experienced similar feelings, stress related illnesses, and being overwhelm.  Why are nanny’s only for the “rich.?” They are a necessity! How I can I help other mothers? Being overwhelmed, stressed, rushed, does not have to be normal. How can we reduce the cost of a nanny? How can we get the community feel back, build the village to help support each other? TheNannyShare was born.

TheNannyShare, shares the cost of a nanny, brings families together, providing support to one another inside and outside of TheNannyShare relationship. It provides a viable career for experienced childcare workers. We all know childcare workers are worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, their salaries are not equivalent to how highly regarded they are to families and our community by providing education and social development to our children. TheNannyShare provides opportunity for childcare workers to earn a better salary in a more flexible and calm environment. TheNannyShare is win:win.

TheNannyShare will enable you to have calm moments, live your life as you want and gain respect for childcare works and all members of our communities.