About TheNannyShare

TheNannyShare, for us, is all about building a ‘village’ — creating and nurturing an extended social network of like-minded working families and their children; developmentally and emotionally supported and assisted by professional nannies building or extending their rewarding careers.

Through TheNannyShare, interested families can meet in order to share the services of qualified and experienced Nannies with other likeminded families, to secure more convenient and affordable shared childcare options in a family-friendly home-based environment.

Meeting other families & arranging to share a Nanny’s services via TheNannyShare helps families to better balance their childcare requirements against their work commitments, increases employment & remuneration opportunities for Nannies, and simplifies life for all concerned – a Win-Win for all!

Solutions for Nannies
  • Higher remuneration
  • Selection of own hourly rate
  • Flexible work hours
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Friendly, home work environment
  • Build strong child & family connections
  • Develop education programs & activities
  • Be valued by families & community
  • Professional respect
Solutions for Families
  • Home environments
  • Flexible hours
  • No waitlists
  • Pay only for the hours you use
  • Families build support networks
  • Your child benefits from a ‘village’
  • Children build strong relationships with other local children

Meet the team

Hi! I’m Gina, Director of TheNannyShare.

As a working mother, partner and parent, I know all too well that desperate feeling of being overwhelmed and in urgent need of assistance with juggling and completing all the multiple tasks involved in the day-to-day care of children, and the ‘proper’ running of a household.

A health industry veteran of more than twenty years, I’ve also learned the real value and satisfaction of assisting others whenever and wherever possible to develop strategies to enjoy a better quality of life. As an employee used to the long hours, long-distance travel and demanding management responsibilities of being part of a global company, I’ve realised that building and maintaining resilience and support networks is crucial for an individual’s — and a team’s—psychological and physical health and career progress. As a workplace coach and mentor, I’ve always taken a keen personal and professional interest in nurturing, building and strengthening the resilience of others.

Experience has shown that being a working mother and parent is not easy at times, but it’s important to remember that simply asking for help can both be liberating and rewarding. I believe that new mothers and parents especially need to understand they are not alone, and that passionate and well-trained childcare professionals and likeminded families are available to assist them via TheNannyShare.

Outside the world of overlapping responsibilities, I enjoy spending time building sandcastles, running through the waves of the beaches at Torquay with my daughter and making a mess cooking in the kitchen together. My “Me” time is usually spent swimming or fitting in a quick run or short gym session!

Hi, I’m Andrew, Gina’s partner and the father of our beautiful daughter. An IT Consultant by trade, my profession chose me due to my twin addictions to coffee and nerdy humour!

I love our daughter dearly, and spend an alarming amount of time — for an adult male — playing with My Little Pony dolls and know much more about Frozen and Moana than I really need to. That being said, at the end of the day all that is well worth it, just to be able to spend time with her.

At first, I wasn’t comfortable with someone else taking over my or Gina’s role as parents, but we were very fortunate to find an excellent Nanny – a former ‘someone’ who now enjoys being a companion for our daughter and a person whom our daughter loves and loves spending time with.

TheNannyShare is the best way Gina and I felt we could help parents to find likeminded families and quality Nannies for their own children via a straightforward and affordable process.

If I’m not at work, or commuting to and from work, or doing the voices for various LOL dolls in the bath, I’ll be lifting weights, riding a bike and climbing trees – gotta stay young somehow!