Childcare Solutions for Families via Nanny-Sharing

Overwhelmed or overburdened by a crazy household and a growing family?
Let us help you create a ‘village’ and bring order & calm back into your life & home!

Find a nanny Find a likeminded family

TheNannyShare is here to help you bring some calm back in your life.

For today’s, rushed, overstretched and overworked families, we at TheNannyShare know that the services of a Nanny are not a wasteful luxury, but instead are an indispensable life necessity that brings welcome relief and structure to busy contemporary homes and households.

Talented and hardworking Nannies who educate, nurture and look after our children while we work hard to secure their future deserve to be valued, paid well and shown respect.

Here at TheNannyShare, we get that – which is why we exist solely to help connect likeminded families willing to share a Nanny’s time and expertise, and to provide Nannies with greater flexibility and increased employment opportunities.

Find a nanny Find a likeminded family

Getting started is easy

And only takes a few minutes

1. Sign up

Create your family or nanny profile by registering and adding your details. Registration is free for early adopters.

2. Connect with families

Search for families in your region that you would be a good match with and start communicating with them.

3. Find a nanny to share

We have resources for all of your hiring needs. Using our templates hiring and managing a nanny is easy.

Why TheNannyShare was started

Watch this short introduction on why I started TheNannyShare to help other families connect with each other.

I'm a working mum and I know how overwhelming and how stressful it can be raising a family and wanted to make the process of getting help much easier.

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